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    Welding qualifications

    Oostendorp Apparatenbouw has more than 500 active qualified welding procedures. We can weld for you with a wide variety of materials, from carbon steel and stainless steel to exotic metals.

    Welding processes

    Oostendorp is known for its broad expertise in welding. Our welding knowledge and expertise includes both manual and (semi) automatic processes. Several welders are qualified for each process.

    The available welding processes are:

    • MMA welding (111, SMAW)
    • Submerged arc welding (121/125, SAW)
    • Band welding / Electro slag welding / Cladding (122, ESW)
    • MIG/MAG welding (131/135, GMAW)
    • Flux core wire welding (136/138, FCAW)
    • TIG welding, manual (141, GTAW)
    • Orbital TIG welding, automatic (141, GTAW)
    • Hot wire TIG welding, machine (141, GTAW)
    • Plasma welding (15, PAW)

    The welds can be examined according to the applicable quality standards, for more information see Engineering & Quality Control.

    6G welding test for welding qualification

    MIG lasser | Oostendorp Apparatenbouw bv

    MIG/MAG welding

    Lassen onder poederdek Kees

    Band welding

    202001_Oostendorp-071_Orbitaal Lassen

    Orbital welding

    202001_Oostendorp-022_Lassen onder poederdek

    Submerged arc welding

    Material types

    Oostendorp can process all common metals for you. We are a One-Stop-Shop for all your static equipment.

    Below an overview of common metals.


    First of all, we are of course well acquainted with carbon steel and low-alloy steels. In particular, the following types are in demand:

    • Carbon Steel: P265GH, P355GH, P460GH, A516 Gr. 60 – 65 – 70
    • Low-alloy, creep-resistant steel: A387 Gr. P11 – P22 – P5 – P9 – P91

    Stainless steel

    We have extensive experience in the processing of the following stainless steel types:

    • Austenitic: 300 series
    • Super-austenitic: 254-SMO ™; 904L
    • Higher alloys: Duplex – Super Duplex

    Exotic materials

    Oostendorp is known for our experience and expertise in welding various “exotic” materials. For example, we regularly weld and process the following materials:

    • Copper and copper alloys (including Cunifer, Al-bronze)
    • Nickel and nickel alloys (eg Alloy 400, 600, 625, 800, 825, C22, C276, 59, B3)
    • Titanium and Titanium Grade 2, 5, 7, 12

    Welding of titanium

    Would you like to discuss other materials and applications?

    Do not hesitate to contact us for expert advice.