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    Company History Oostendorp Apparatenbouw


    *** W.H. Oostendorp ***

    Oostendorp Apparatenbouw B.V. originated from the local (Tiel) blacksmith that Willem Oostendorp founded in 1918 as W.H. Oostendorp B.V.

    Company history | Oostendorp Apparatenbouw bv

    Memorandum of Association Oostendorp Apparatenbouw.



    Despite the turbulence and difficulties in the 1940’s, Oostendorp’s services remained in demand. Local industries and customers recognized the company for its high quality work as well as its social commitment.


    Countrywide Recognition

    With a rapidly expanding economy as well as a fast developing process industry, companies from all over the country started requesting Oostendorp’s skills and services to build their plants and factories.


    Static Equipment & Appliances

    Oostendorp gradually changed from a machine factory and construction workshop into a specialist in static equipment and appliance construction for the chemical and petrochemical industry.

    Office building Oostendorp Apparatenbouw.


    Technical Leadership

    As a result of its extensive skill and experience in the field, Oostendorp played a leading role in finding technical solutions for increasingly complex equipment and standards. Also the company developed extensive know-how and experience in the field of special metals.


    Another Family Continues

    With succession options within the Oostendorp family running out, they decide to transfer the shares to the acting CEO who continues the company under the same name, but with renewed ambition. Still today the families involvement in the company continues.

    21st Century

    A New Century

    The globalization trend means that local businesses can’t take their traditional market for granted. Researching new ways of working and further technical specialization ensures that Oostendorp grows to be a very youthful, 100 years old company.

    Modern MIG TIG welding machine next to an original coated electrode welding machine.