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  • Mission & Vision

    Proud to make the difference for you!

    With over a 100 years of experience, we have become a company that is specialized in the design, construction and welding of all kinds of different static equipment (or in Dutch “Apparatenbouw”). From Heat-Exchangers to Pressure Vessels, from On-site Repairs to Special Constructions. We’ve been there, seen it and done it. Our track record in processing exotic materials is extensive, which is why we claim: There is nothing our team can’t design or build!

    Our Vision

    Oostendorp Apparatenbouw aspires to be a locally operating, but internationally leading provider of specialized welding services and construction & repair of complex equipment and structures.

    We are a one-stop shop in static pressure equipment in Manufacturing, Service & Repair and Subcontracting.

    Willemijn Geldorp | Oostendorp Apparatenbouw bv

    Willemijn Geldorp, Managing Director – Oostendorp Apparatenbouw

    Our Mission

    Experienced craftsmen, knowledgeable engineers and enthusiastic apprentices ensure that we are able to meet any customer needs now and in the future.

    You need your equipment on time and according to specs. Proper planning and transparent and frequent communication ensures that we meet your project requirements and time lines every single time.

    Scopes, requirements and timetables can change. Fast adapting, quick learning and rescheduling is an absolute requirement and is what makes us flexible.

    One single location and a small organization ensures that you know who is working on your project and make it easy to monitor the progress. Want to see it for yourself? Just stop by and have a look!

    The safety of our employees and the equipment they work on is always our main responsibility both at your location and in our factory.

    Our Core Values

    • Customer Focus
      We believe in an open and constructive relationship with our customers
    • Continuity
      We believe a focus on continuity is for the benefit of our customers, our employees and our shareholder
    • Reliability
      We believe in delivering on our promises
    • Safety
      We believe working safely is the only way to work
    • People Oriented
      We believe skilled and motivated employees are our main assets